CrossTalk and its cloud software allows you to monitor and control one to hundreds of beacons. Set the schedule, receive notifications, and manage multiple schools at once. Just set your schedule and let us do the rest.

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What is CrossTalk?

CrossTalk maintains your schedules and operates according to the schedule you assigned. Have one standard schedule or create multiple schedules for exam week, holidays, staff development days, and more. CrossTalk is a communication device that transmits and receives data to and from the solar beacon. CrossTalk sends notifications to you by email when your system needs maintenance.

CrossTalk is an Advanced Wireless Solar Lighting Controller. This means you can control beacons around the clock from the comfort of your desk. Use our cloud software to schedule, maintain, and keep track of your beacons!
Got an LED out? Is the battery about to die? Is the solar panel getting enough sunlight? CrossTalk will send you all of these notifications - and more! Easily set an email address to receive these notifications to maintain your solar beacons.
If you are monitoring multiple locations or even just one school that require constant time management, CrossTalk lets you set multiple schedules for that situation. Include override schedules for those spur of the moment weather warnings.